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Status: Located

Owner of originalLaurence Hay
Date9 Apr 2011
Linked toFamily: YOUNG/SHAW (F9)

Oamaru Old, Otago, New Zealand

Cemetery Photos

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1Baker/Brooker. Baker/Brooker.
Joseph Baker and Harriet nee Brooker. 
2Baker/Brooker. Baker/Brooker.
Joseph and Harriett Baker's grave. 
3Baker/Rusbatch Baker/Rusbatch
Albert, son of Joseph and Harriet Baker, and his wife Elizabeth nee Rusbatch 
4Hay/Greaves; Hay/Richardson. Hay/Greaves; Hay/Richardson.
William Hay Jnr, his first wife Ann nee Greaves, his second wife Catharine nee Richardson, and two of their children Agnes and George -- who died four days apart in 1883. 
5Hay/Masterton. Hay/Masterton.
Elspeth, d. of Elspeth and Joseph Hay, is buried in an unmarked grave where Margaret is standing. Elspeth died in August 1872 aged less than 8 months. 
6Hay/McPhail Hay/McPhail
Henry (son of Wm Hay Jnr) and Jessie nee McPhail (sister of Sarah who married James Hay). 
7Hay/McPhail. Hay/McPhail.
Sarah McPhail, daughter of Donald and Christina (and sister of Jessie who married Henry Hay), is buried with her parents; she died in May 1960. She was the wife of Revd James Hay, son of William Jnr. 
8Hay/Richardson. Hay/Richardson.
9Hay/Shaw; Hay/Greaves; Hay/Richardson; Hay/Kinnear; Hay/Lewis. Hay/Shaw; Hay/Greaves; Hay/Richardson; Hay/Kinnear; Hay/Lewis.
The Hay family grave; it contains 12 burials (most notably William Hay and his wife Euphemia nee Shaw and their sons William Jnr and David) and two cremations. 
10Hay/Shaw; Hay/Kinnear. Hay/Shaw; Hay/Kinnear.
11Young/Shaw. Young/Shaw.
Grave of Duncan Young and his wife Margaret nee Shaw. (Over the path and south from the Hay family grave). 
12Young/Shaw. Young/Shaw.

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