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1 According to the official aliens records of 1917, the family was of Polish descent, and came to New Zealand in about 1877.

The Stieller family is also mentioned in the book 'Polish settlers in Taranaki'. 
STIELLER Rosalind Matilda (I712)
2 aka Alice, Anice, Annice HARFORD Annis (I665)
3 aka Elizabeth Alice/Annis/Annice SPURDLE Elizabeth Annie (I656)
4 Birth date calculated from age at death (64) as shown on her burial record. HOLMES Emily (I706)
5 Birth date estimated from age at death (72). PYNE Robert John (I695)
6 Birth not registered in New Zealand. Birth date calculated from age at death (69) as given in the burial register (often unreliable).

However, Rosalind is probably the Rosa Stieller admitted to Ratapiko school, Inglewood, in 1888 whose birthdate is given as 16 June 1877, and her parent/guardian as John Stieller of Ratapiko Road. 
STIELLER Rosalind Matilda (I712)
7 Burial also recorded in Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North, 1976. HARFORD Alfred Lawrence (I669)
8 Burial also recorded in Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North, 1976. LANKSHEAR Elsie (I684)
9 Charles's birth was not registered in New Zealand. The date given is calculated from the age at death (51) given in his death register entry (typically unreliable!). ASTLEY Charles (I658)
10 Cremated in Waikumete Cemetery, Waitakere, Auckland, New Zealand CLARK Annie Coventry (I685)
11 Died at 10 weeks of age. WALLACE Morris (I522)
12 Died at 7 weeks of age. HARFORD Nellie (I668)
13 Died at 8 weeks of age. HARFORD Arthur Burnham George (I666)
14 Drowned in the Waitara River, aged 13. SPURDLE Frederick William (I657)
15 Electoral rolls have Charles living in Wanganui (1880-81), Marsden (nr Whangarei), Northland (1885-86) and (Rotorua) Bay of Plenty (1905-06). Documents relating to his death describe him as 'boarding house keeper', Rotorua.

There is a Whangarei school record for a Joseph Law'n (Lawrence?) Astley, born in May 1879, whose parent/guardian is stated to be Charles Astley. No birth of a Joseph Astley is registered in New Zealand. Also, this record gives Joseph's last day at the school as 25 April 1888, with his destination Australia. 
ASTLEY Charles (I658)
16 Henry registered as Harry Spurdle, as likewise for the first two births of his children. Family: SPURDLE Henry / HOLMES Emily (F228)
17 Illegitimate, born when Fanny was 21. Frederick died at age 16 months, and is buried with his Baker grandparents. BAKER Frederick (I653)
18 Illegitimate, born when Janet was 19 or 20. KISSOCK Sarah Morrison (I654)
19 Lived for only two days. SPURDLE Annie (I505)
20 Name registered at birth as Andrew Hurston, but marriage and death register entries give the second name as Hewitson. FRASER Andrew Hewitson (I703)
21 Neither his marriage nor death is registered in New Zealand. STEWART Robert William Oswald (I375)
22 Shown as 'Frederick' in the burial register SPURDLE Fred (I499)
23 Shown as 'Rosalie' in the burial register. STIELLER Rosalind Matilda (I712)
24 Surname also spelt as KERR. CARR Helen (I651)
25 The exact date of the marriage is given on the birth certificate of Charles Raymond Astley, Charles and Mary Ann's first child registered in New Zealand.

As shown on my Astley family page, two more children were registered to Charles and Mary Ann in NZ. Family trees found on credit the couple with a total of six children (though not a Joseph Lawrence). 
Family: ASTLEY Charles / SPURDLE Mary Anne (F217)
26 Was a private in the Canterbury Regiment, Service No.55393. BAKER Leonard Joseph (I377)